PCC Charity: answers calls for assistance from members of the community in emergencies involving basic human needs. The Committee raises funds for humanitarian causes such as families and individuals facing financial or medical crises in our community.

The PCC Charity has started its mission more than 28 years ago under the umbrella of Persian Cultural Center. Raised funds for many charitable causes for nearly three decades on a local, national and international basis. The most recent of these being the Bam Earthquake, Southeast Asia Tsunami, Katrina Relief Efforts , Tajik Case, Project X, and Shahla, Katy, Temecula Project, and VI Project.
The Foundation has started assisting refugee families and new comers since November 2012.

What we do:
-Recruiting volunteers
-Collaborating with other agencies such as Dollar a Month Found, Catholic Charities, Alliance for African Assistance, and International Rescue committee.
-Raising fund for families in crisis
-Collecting presents from the community during Christmas and Nowruz (Persian New Year) for children in need.