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Documentary Night, Virtual Discussion Meeting
Persian Cultural Center presents:
Virtual Discussion Meeting on “Nesa – نسا ” & “Moving Up – کمی بالاتر ” documentaries
Wednesday May 20, 2020 at 8:00 PM
Admission is free. In order to receive the link to the meeting, you must RSVP in eventbrite.com
Unfortunately due to some unforeseen technical issues, the Gracefully (خرامان) is temporarily unavailable to watch, so we replace it with these films.


Nesa – نسا

Directed by: Loghman Khaledi

2010 / 52 minutes

Persian with English subtitle

Nesa longs to be an actress and wants nothing more than to perform with a theater group. But, as a young woman from Kermanshah, she is expected to marry one of the many suitors who are willing to be her husband. With a family that is desperate for her to capitulate and an oppressive brother who is prone to violence, Nesa’s life is a struggle. Shot in a documentary style Nesa is a powerful emotional journey.

You can watch this documentary on IMVBOX.COM for free.



Moving Up – کمی بالاتر

Directed by: Loghman Khaledi

2011 / 59 minutes

Persian with English subtitle

Shahriyar is a both a garbage collector and an unpublished novelist who has a passion for literature and poetry. Shahriyar finds it impossible to conform to society’s expectations; rather, he aspires to be Jack London or Dostoevsky. He writes imaginative stories to escape from his dull, prosaic
life in Kermanshah, a city in Iran’s Kurdistan region. But his wife, his family, his neighborhood and all the people around him constantly conspire to hold him back from Moving Up. ‘Moving Up’ is a powerful, inspiring and deeply affecting story of an outsider, who wants to be an artist, seemingly impossible in the provincial town of Kermanshah. Loghman Khaledi builds sympathetic portraits of both his protagonist and his family members.
You can watch this documentary on IMVBOX.COM for free.


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